Managing Director’s Message

Remittance as being the key element of Nepal’s economy, need to be properly handled and utilized for nation’s overall development. We have seen informal means of money transfer taking rise and dominating the formal means of transfer of money. This will not only affect the development of the country, but also will be a barrier for financial investment in their own country.

Today people are seen focusing on personal benefits for transfer of money using illegal means (mal practice) for their own benefit, making country poor day by day. Boom Remittance will lay focus on legal means of money transfer and will emphasis in the country where money laundering is at high to support regulatory and government’s mission to inject foreign exchange for the nation. Company also suggests government in using remittance money in productive sector by creating job opportunity in the country itself. As being a key remittance expert of this nation, I have been informing top government officials and the ministers to form “Nepali Migrants Remittance Board” so as to use remittance money in infrastructures by injecting shares from Nepali migrants working abroad.

At Boom our focus has always been towards customers’ satisfaction along with making all our valued agents and abroad partners happy. We lay focus on the latest state of art of technology for the remittance service and has envisioned a dedicated customer care unit for handling each and every problem of our customers. Hence, we believe on low service charge with best quality service with best agent sharing commission. For the first time in Nepal’s remittance company we have implemented foreign exchange commission for our agent partners.

We hope that every customer will feel difference in using our product and will value themselves.