Background of the company

Boom Remittance Pvt. Ltd. was formed by individuals having abroad expertise and was established in March 2009. The company has 37 promoters’ groups out of which 12 of them represents from Nepalese Migrants in Australia, Hong Kong, Denmark, Canada, USA, South Korea, Bahrain, UAE and Qatar. The Chairman, Members of Board of Director and the Managing Director also have strong hold in global markets which will boost the company’s image in remittance business. The company is through global markets of remittance after having excellent business background in domestic business. The company is being overseen by its Managing Director Mr. Dhirendra Pant who has proven commercial banking experience in Nepal and Qatar for 17 years. Mr. Pant also has been involved in foreign exchange and remittance business since last 11 years. He has been instrumental promoting Himal Remit (a pioneer remittance brand of Himalayan Bank Ltd.) for 3 years in Qatar from 2005 to 2008. Mr. Pant has also been Head of Century Remit (a pioneer remittance brand of Century Commercial Bank Ltd.) and Head of Grand Remit (a pioneer remittance brand of Grand Bank Nepal Ltd., now Prabhu Bank Ltd.). With this proven track record of Mr. Pant, Boom Remit is going to get ample of benefits from his expertise.