Board of Directors

The board of director consists of seven members of board. The members of board are highly professional individuals with the background from remittance, banking, manpower business, education, engineering consultancy, and other business. The chairman and board members has excellent track record of banking and remittance business. They have wide connections in abroad which will be pivotal for achieving the goal of the company. Their relations will also help in enhancing international relationships and as well boost business amply from abroad.

The board members are as below:

Srijana-Rayamajhi Dhirendra-Pant Prabina-Rawal Mukesh-Acharya
Ms. Srijana Rayamajhi KC Mr. Dhirendra Pant Mrs. Prabina Rawal Pant Mr. Mukesh Pd. Acharya
Chair Person Managing Director Director Director
Sunil-Rai Prashant-Bikram-Malla Tirtha-Bahadur-Gurung
Mr. Sunil Rai Mr. Prashant Bikram Malla Mr. Tirtha Bahadur Gurung
Director Director Director
  • Chairperson – Mrs. Srijana Rayamajhi :

The Chairman of the Boom Remittance Pvt. Ltd., Mrs. Srijana Rayamajhi is also involved as Managing Director of Insight Spaces, interior designing, construction & trading company. She has 8 years of experience in this venture. She has been timely visiting Gulf, Malaysia and other countries for business purpose which is supposed to benefit Boom Remit. Similarly, due to her excellent relationship with many foreign business people, she is expected to promote Boom Remit in a wide way.

Qualification of Mrs. Rayamajhi : Mrs. Rayamajhi has done Bachelor’s Degree in Management.

  • Managing Director – Mr. Dhirendra Pant :

The Managing Director of Boom Remittance Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Dhirendra Pant has 17 years of experience in commercial bank and more than a decade long experience in remittance who has directly promoted remittance business of three commercial banks of Nepal named Himalayan Bank Ltd. (Himal Remit), Century Commercial Bank Ltd. (Century Remit) and Grand Bank Nepal Ltd. (Grand Remit). Mr. Pant worked three (3) years in Qatar for the promotion of Himal Remit and travelled many times in Gulf countries for business promotions. He was the developer of Century Remit (a pioneer remittance brand of Century Commercial Bank Ltd.) and Grand Remit (a pioneer remittance brand of Grand Bank Nepal Ltd.). Mr. Pant has very excellent knowledge of foreign exchange. He used to be a teacher and lecturer as well. Mr. Pant is also involved in training people in banking and as well making awareness campaign of remittance. He is involved in media to educate people not to use mal practices (hundi) for money transfers. Mr. Pant is also involved in backing government officials to inform them about the advantage of using remittance money in productive sectors. He is also ex cricket player and International Commentator of Cricket. Mr. Pant has very wide experience of organizing sports events, various cultural programmes, talent hunt, little beauty pageant, Mr. Handsome, Musical programmes, etc. He is also involved in many social organizations.

Remittance Experience and contribution of Mr. Pant : Mr. Pant’s remittance journey began in September 2005 when he was stationed at Habib Qatar International Exchange, Qatar to promote Himal Remit (a pioneer remittance product of Himalayan Bank Ltd.). He then promoted business from other exchange named Al Jazeera Exchange and Global Exchange Company WLL in Qatar. Mr. Pant stayed until October 2008 in Qatar and has bought many remittances from Himal Remit to Nepal. He was instrumental in promoting remittance in huge quantity and volume from Qatar and received best remittance award in 2006 from Himalayan Bank Limited. He has opened many accounts from Qatar and has made quality impact to turn people to open account of Himal Remit Savings Account (HRSA). He became Global Remittance Head in Century Commercial Bank Ltd. for its remittance brand Century Remit and worked for six months from February to August 2011. During this time he developed the Century Remit product and its associated banking product Century Remit Savings Account (CRSA). He has also mitigated tie up in Gulf countries. He has opened many accounts for the bank. Mr. Pant went to Grand Bank Nepal Ltd. to design Grand Remit and has started journey in August 2011 until February 2016 at Grand Bank Nepal. During this time he formed Grand Remit and went Gulf countries several times for remittance promotions. He was instrumental in various tie up for Grand Remit business in Gulf and Australia. Mr. Pant also formed Grand Remit Savings Account (GRSA) and has opened many accounts from abroad even during his visit in Gulf countries like Qatar, UAE and Bahrain. Due to his vast expertise in remittance, Mr. Pant is leading the company as Managing Director of Boom Remittance Pvt. Ltd. for its business enhancements.

Qualification of Mr. Pant: Mr. Pant has Double Masters Degree in Management, one in Marketing and next in Human Resources from Tribhuvan University.

  • Other Directors :

Other directors of Boom Remittance Pvt. Ltd. are highly professionals who have direct influence for promoting remittance business. Most of them has abroad expertise and has played ample role for promoting Boom Remit business. Some of them stayed longer period in Gulf, Australia, Hong Kong, Europe, USA, Canada and so on. With their wide expertise and relationship abroad, Boom Remit is assured to get maximum advantage.

Ms. Prabina Rawal Pant: Mrs. Pant being Director of this company is also associated with Boom Savings & Credit Cooperative Ltd. as CEO. She has worked at Standard Finance Ltd. in Nepal and as well worked in Qatar in various international organizations for three years. She has great dynamism for pushing the business to get in high momentum.

Mr. Mukesh Prasad Acharya: Mr. Acharya being Director of this company is also associated with Florida Recruitment Services Pvt. Ltd. as Chairman. He has worked in various organizations in UAE for around 17 years. He is also Vice Chairman of Boom Savings & Credit Cooperative Ltd. Mr. Acharya was founder member of Boom Remittance Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2009. He is influential member of the board of directors for pushing the business.

Mr. Prashant Bikram Malla: Mr. Malla is President of Cricket Association of Rupandehi and has been acricket’s national player. He has wide networks with various migrants in abroad countries like Gulf, Malaysia, Europe, Australia, and so on. As he also has visited many countries, so he has been influential for our promotions in abroad.

Mr. Tirtha Bahadur Gurung : Mr. Gurung is well experienced businessman who runs manpower company named Binamay Overseas. He is Chairman of the company. He sends migrant workers in Gulf and Malaysia and has very good connections there. As of day he has sent thousands of migrant workers there and will be helpful for our company. Mr. Gurung is also former Acting Chairman of Manpower Association of Nepal.

Mr. Sunil Rai: Mr. Rai being Director of this company is also associated as transport entrepreneur. He has also promoted many business houses in Rupandehi district. Mr. Rai also stayed for many years in United Kingdom and have travelled many countries in past. His experience is going to be fruitful for our brand.